The doctor’s appointment

The doctor’s appointment

So here it is, at long last, what happened with the doctor on Monday. You know, the new one I was so worried about seeing. It will be the last time I see this idiot. She made me feel like I wasn’t worthy of her time. It’s annoying.

So, 8 am appointment. Supposed to be only me. At 7:45 I’m sitting in the parking lot, getting ready to go in, when I get a call. Hmmm… doctor’s office it was. Yes, the doctor had an emergency at the hospital and will be late. Would you like to reschedule or wait for her. Hmmm, well, I’m almost out of birth control, so wait it is. Well, they didn’t think she would be later than 8:30. I had off until about 10:30, so figured I’d wait.

At 8:45 I finally saw the doctor. She asked me if I had any concerns. I told her I had high cholesterol. And then the third degree started. “Well how did I know that I had high cholesterol?” Um, I’ve had it tested… “Well why did you have it tested?” Um, the doctor ordered the bloodwork as a standard set? “Well how long ago did you have it tested?” Every year for the last eight years. “Well you’re only 29 so you didn’t even need the test done.” Hello, now that I’ve had the test done and the last one says I’m 326, now what do I do. “Well, I can’t believe that test, because I don’t have it in hand and you could be lying to me” I told her I gave the paperwork that I had brought to the secretary when I came in. “Well, this bloodwork wasn’t done by me and it would be medical malpractice for me to tell you what to do without looking at numbers from labs my people pulled” Huh? Then why in the hell am I sending you the records from any of my doctors?  So another doctor that has ignored my bloodwork.  Finally got her to say I would  have to do a strict diet, exercise and fish pills.  Hello, already doing it.  Apparently not working?!  Back to the bloodwork issue.  Can’t tell me anything.  blah blah blah.  “Well why do you want to discuss this now?  What’s the urgency?”  Well, I don’t want to have to take off work in another week, for you to tell me something I already know, when we can talk about it now.  “Well, it’s not my fault that you would have to take off more time.  And I can’t help it if you are just trying to get prescriptions for a year and only see me once a year” Every time I repeatedly tried to drop the conversation, she kept trying to bring it back up, trying to egg me on, being confrontational about it.  “Why are you so nervous, so fidgety” Because I’m fixing to have a pap smear with a new doctor I haven’t ever really met before.  “Well why does that make you nervous? Normal people aren’t nervous”  Bitch. 

Next issue… The allergy medicine I’ve been taking for the last two years isn’t working as well anymore. I was wanting to try Nasonex. “Well how do you know about Nasonex?” A friend suggested it… “How do you even know that you have allergies” So I give her a list of all the symptoms thinking I should have responded that even my dentist hygienist was brilliant enough to figure it out. “Well, if this doesn’t work, you will have to go to a specialist” No joke, because I’m sure as heck not going to come back here.

Next issue… I need refills on my acne medicine. “Who prescribed this” A general nurse practitioner “You didn’t go to a dermatologist?” No?! “Well how did the nurse practitioner know to prescribe this” Told her some BS like it had worked for other patients, thinking though, that I should have told her because the NP was a lot smarter than her.  By the way, she told me she was going to call this prescription in to the pharmacy, because she conveniently forgot to write it out in the office.  Took the pharmacy name down, phone number, and everything.  Butthole still hadn’t called it in yesterday.  At least the last prescription from the last doctor I saw was still good, but still…  How much does it take to keep up with what she was supposed to be doing, especially when she already came in to my appointment late and been a jerk to me?  Is she so busy that she doesn’t need my money?

Now what strikes me about this doctor is that she was so worried about the medical malpractice and my suing because I was asking her about my high cholesterol based on test someone else had run, while ignoring all the mental health questions I answered truthfully. Didn’t once ask me about the depression, crying all the time, hopelessness, and the wanting to hurt myself. Even though I admitted to it all on her forms. It’s interesting what excuse doctors will come up with. Why is it so hard for me to find someone who gives a rat’s ass about me?

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  1. i can,t say nothing knot been too a doctor in 14 years, oh onces my wife pushed me real bad,into it, yes i,m married she left me,for she got tryed of my problem , of not wanting too go all the way,and my need too hurt real bad, but not let her control me, dont know how too explane this

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