The Day of the Flood

The Day of the Flood

Sunday morning my husband woke me up.  The creek is rising!  No big deal to me though.  Did that yesterday, and everything was fine.  The rain will slow and the creek will go back down.  Except the rain didn’t slow, and the creek didn’t go back down.  30 minutes later he is waking me up wanting me to help carry stuff upstairs.  The creek is rising fast.  Looking out the window shows our street with water gushing down it.  Apparently one of the culverts got blocked, and the water back flowed.  Finally the pipe cleared itself, and we could divert our full attention to the creek behind our house that was rising.  We woke up neighbors on both sides of us.  They weren’t concerned; it will go back down.  So, we continued to carry important stuff upstairs.  We didn’t get it all though.  No where near enough.  I guess we got the important more expensive stuff.  But not the stuff that can’t be replaced; the documents, business cards, baseball cards, etc.

We left the house about 8:30 am.  We packed up some food, some clothes, and the dog.  Luckily we had given our cats to my parents quite a while ago, so we didn’t have them to worry about.  On our way across the interstate, water was getting right up to the edge of the road.  We went to the Bellevue exit.  I wanted to get a hotel room right off.  My husband thought we would be able to get back to our house that night; so he wanted to wait on the hotel.


After we got off the exit, husband realized his work laptop was at home.  Even though it was on the second floor, and free from flood water, he wanted it.  So back home we go.  We stopped at home for about 10 minutes.  Watching the water get higher and higher.  We never thought it would get that high.  Or at least I didn’t.  We left again when I started getting excited about how high the water was getting.  I didn’t want to get stuck there.  A neighbor offered to let us stay at their house, but they were further down the street than we were.  While they were protected from flooding, that didn’t mean that we would be able to get out of the subdivision if something happened.  In that little amount of time, the water had gotten up quite a bit.


Back through to the Bellevue exit, there was water starting to creep up the road, on to the shoulders.  We went down and hung out by Krogers.  Went back about an hour later.  The exits were under water.  The movie theater, Shoney’s and gas station had flooding.  I started to wonder how our house looked.  Every way to get home had been blocked by the Harpeth River.  The concrete dividers on the highway had been overtopped.  The soccer field was inundated with water.  What was once field was a raging river.


The Harpeth River had taken over Bellevue.

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