image1754408255.jpgSaturday we ended up going over to my husband’s mom’s house. She had just gotten a new dog back in July and wanted my dog to meet it.

Unfortunately, her dog is very young, and while mine still has some spunk, it doesn’t have near as much energy. My dog was ready to relax and the other dog just kept jumping on her. And when we tried to push the dog away from her, it kept jumping on us! So, when we went to eat at Olive Garden, my girl came with us and hung out in the car. She loves car rides anyways.

Then my mom wanted to do a girls night out. Target – shopping again. Then we went to Catholic Church in Cordova, which was pretty cool. Then to Chinese buffet which was awesome. We were supposed to watch a movie after that, but we were all tired, so ended up sleeping early.

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