Pet peeves about Church

Pet peeves about Church

I went to church on Sunday, by myself.  It was a local church, not far from my house.  Went to the 11 AM Mass, so I could sleep in and watch movies.  It was jammed pack.  What’s funny is I showed up to church 10 minutes early, like a good little Catholic so I could pray before Mass.  Church started probably several minutes late from what it was supposed to.  Maybe 1/4 of the Church was filled at Mass starting.  I was starting to like the small size of the church.  Figured I could do this every week.  Then I saw the ushers.  They’re just counting folks for Communion.  Nope… they were sitting people.  By the time we sat back down (maybe 5-10 minutes after the start of Mass) the Church was packed.  That means approximately 75% of people got there late.

I remember in 4-H (yes, I was a 4-H geek, also a band geek too), every one was early to everything. In fact if you were on time you were late.  A little saying the 4-H leaders used to have:

    If you’re early you’re on time,
    If you’re on time your late,
    If you’re late you’re left. 

I wish people would have a better understanding of time schedules.  Come in on time, show respect if you are late.

Another pet peeve I have about Church- those people who refuse to stay until the last of the song.  Right after the Priest walks out, they have to rush to follow.  The end of Mass isn’t signaled by the leaving of the Priest, rather the ending of the song you are singing.  That means you will have to be "inconvienced" by staying 30 seconds longer.  Heaven forbid, a minute or two longer.  Yes, I know your butt can’t wait to get out of Church so you can gossip with your girl friends or beat everyone to the parking lot.  Is it really too much to give an hour of your time to sitting in Church, arriving on time and leaving on time?  I can understand emergencies.  However, you can’t convince me that 75% of the congregation had "emergencies" that morning.

And if you know you have to leave early, please sit on the outer aisle, towards the back, so you will disrupt the least amount of people.  The people that really got me upset had picked up all their purses, and other crap and turned to face me, acting like I was holding them up.  No one was in the pew the other way (they had all left as soon as the Priest passed), so they could have taken the long way around and saved me from thinking they were pushy dorks.  It made me feel like someone was pressuring me to do something I didn’t want to do.  Yes, I know I’m some weird geek person because I get upset if I have to leave the song 2 lines early.  But I love to sing, and since I have a horrible singing voice, church is one of the few places I feel comfortable singing out loud.

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  1. your too young too rember mass was in latten, you count understand mass i,m allso cholic, but allso now babties, pisapalain, and medthies, sorry, can,t spell and spell check not going too fix this, mass ustoo be allmost 2 hour,s long, and the preist never walked out too the frount, they underessed the alter, i usto get real sick in church, all the smells,no air even thow they had high celling, allso you had too fast 3 hours , too take comuion,do you fast, many people still go buy the old rules, and dont eat, from the night before, can you go from the night before, with out eating dont judge others in church

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