My mom got fired…

My mom got fired…

The short story:  So this is what working at the state will get you.  Fired.  If your boss doesn’t like you, you don’t have much of a chance.  If you did your job and told on your boss (then your coworker) then you get fired.  And there’s not a danged thing HR will do to help you.  You work your ass off; while your coworker (now boss) goofs off.  He gets promoted, you lose your job.  And HR claims they can’t help you because you aren’t protected under civil service.  So it’s ok for HR to break the law within the first six months of your employment, just not at any point thereafter.

The long drawn out story (well) not so long or drawn out, just wanted to call it that):  My mom used to work at a treatment facility for youth.  Baby prison for youngsters.  You know the ones that beat the crap out of white folk because they are white, and see no issue with that.  Or the ones that steal stuff.  Or the ones that try to kill others.  You know just the ordinary, not so bad things.  It was going to be closed, because, well it housed around 20-35 girls and cost tons to keep open.  They had sent everyone home with pink slips and then found out that the facility was going to stay open after all.  So they did a mass hiring.  One position they never could get any one qualified in to was that of principal.  My mom worked with about four other teachers there.  One of them had been “let go” of three other school systems.  So of course he was able to get a job at this treatment center for impressionable young folk quite easy.  We are in TN of course.  He was forever getting in to trouble.  Seems he liked to bribe the young folk into liking him with things like candy (contraband – a big no-no), Facebook time, etc.  My mom reported him a few times for the candy and for the Facebook time (did I mention he was in his room alone with these two girls that were supposed to be in her room?).  He seemed to be in more trouble than the kids were.  

Well guess, what, here in TN not only do we hire folks that have been let go in three other jobs into a position at a treatment facility for youth, but by God, we promote their butts.  So he was promoted to head teacher since they couldn’t get a principal out there.  His first order of business:  fire the folks who actually thought he was supposed to do his job.  Because, here in TN we only know how to promote those who don’t do their job.  So within the first week he had fired my mom (apparently people can get paperwork processed pretty quickly here at the state after all).  He also moved around (and fired) security guards who wanted him to do his job correctly.  So at least she wasn’t alone.  There should be a support group for those who have been slighted by the grand headmaster at that treatment facility.

You want to know what really irks me?  These kids are at the facility because they have no concept of right and wrong.  It’s the step before big kid’s prison.  They are impressionable.  And we pay good tax money to keep a facility that is supposed to teach them right from wrong open.  We trust the state to actually hire competent people into positions.  We trust them to do the right thing.  We trust too blindly.  The people who fought to keep it open don’t give a rat’s behind about the progress of it.  Now that we are spending tons of money to keep it going when the economy is bad and the money is needed more in other places, we’re just going to let the place to go to heck.  Because state workers can’t and won’t do anything like work.  
So now the kids are going to think that it’s ok to go to someplace just as good as home and hang out.  I mean with all the perks, what’s the point in being good?  What’s the point in working your fingers to the bone when the rewards for not doing anything or being a heathen are better?  That’s something we got to face as a society.  The times when people are entitled to this or that have to come to an end.  People need to start working hard – everyone.  No more claiming complete disability for a bum knee but go out running every morning.  No more having 3 kids by the time you are 14 just to get the welfare money so you can feed your drug addiction.  I looked at my husband the other day and was like why are we working our butts in to the ground when so many people who do so much less than us are getting money from the government to do nothing?  No not everyone on welfare or whatever are out to the cheat the system.  Some on disability really do need it.  It seems though that the folks that really do need it are not getting what they need whereas the folks who don’t need it are getting plenty.  

So the moral of today’s story:  working your butt off pays none.

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