I have a counseling appointment on Wednesday. First time I’ve been back since starting thisnew job. I had to wait until I got sick time as I have to work until 5 pm, and to get to my appointment, I have to leave at least at 4:30 pm. So 30 minutes of sick time every two weeks.

I haven’t told my boss yet that this would be an on going thing. I guess I’ll just send an email every two weeks and hope that she is forgetful enough to not notice. So what if she wants proof that I was under some type of health person’s care? Can she require a “doctor’s note” and if so, how do you keep something like that private? Oh well.

I guess the bigger picture here though is I’m still scared to go to my counseling appointment. I feel all talked out, empty. What do you say once you’ve hit that point? Hello I’m depressed now what? I know… I know…  I’m never going to beat this so I need to stop complaining. I watched Girl, Interrupted and Nell this weekend.  I was in tears by Saturday night.  So very hard to get through.  Maybe because I connect so well.

I’ve started doing landfill inspections twice a week.  One longer, one shorter trip.  About 4 hours for the long one and 2 hours walking for the shorter one.  It is so tiring I’m ready for this to be over with.  I come home from the long one and just crash.  Hubby’s nice enough to help out with the chores and cook on those nights.

Oh well, finally got my W-2, so hopefully we can get our taxes done soon.

This week will be busy…  tonight bowling, Wed counseling and Thursday an AWMA meeting.

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  1. Hi DJ,
    You followed me on Twitter, and I followed you back, and came to check out your blog. Wow, I'm so sorry you're so sad. I went through a period of depression–real depression not just the "blues", and finally made it through. I feel for anyone in the depths of this sadness.

    I hope you find something to give you joy, and wish you well.

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