Day 4 of the Trip

Day 4 of the Trip

Day 4 of the new planned trip included driving from South Dakota down to Wichita.  Uneventful.  That’s what it was, which sucks in a way.  It was hard to make the trip and not see hardly any snow or ice or anything, after the problems we had two days prior.  But since we got an early start, we got to watch the South Dakotan sunrise.  It was simply awesome watching the sun rise over tons and tons of snow.  Oh yeah, and the temperature that morning, as measured by the truck’s thermometer was –8.  And actually, that didn’t feel nearly as cold as I thought it was.  A short sleeved t-shirt, a sweater I wear to work, and then the goose down vest, and jeans.  That’s all, and I wasn’t cold at all.

SD Photo 38 SD Photo 61

Anyways, we made it in to KS.  It took about 11 or 12 hours, we had a stop for lunch, though.  And of course that night, it snowed in KS.  Which was just fine with me. 

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