Day 3 of the Trip

Day 3 of the Trip

Day 3 of the trip ended up being a touristy thing in Mitchell, South Dakota, home to the world’s only Corn Palace.  We started out the morning late, sleeping in, and taking our time.  First stop was Cabela’s.  No Cabela’s around Nashville, so this was a real treat!  We spent a couple hours there, and I got myself a new goose down vest, socks, and some jewelry.  Husband got my dad a birthday present.  So shopping was done, at least for the morning…


SD Photo 3

Then we ate at Taco John’s which apparently is a fast food chain up there.  Kind of like Taco Bell but fresher, and thus more expensive.  In the afternoon we made it over to the Corn Palace.  Apparently every year it is decorated with corn and other grains.  The picture below is one of the murals inside the Corn Palace. 

SD Photo 10

Then we did some more random shopping, Tractor Supply, Menard’s, then ate at the Depot in downtown Mitchell.  After that we got back to the hotel, and ended up having to plug in the engine heater on the truck.  At the hotel at 8 at night it was like 6 degrees outside, with a predicted low of –2.  Actually 6 degrees didn’t feel too cold.  There was no wind, so it wasn’t that bad. 

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