Day 1 of the Trip

Day 1 of the Trip

So our vacation this year was going to be a trip to South Dakota and then a quick stop at Pike’s Peak then out to Kansas to visit some relatives.  Apparently a big blizzard hit South Dakota for Christmas.  You know, about 19 inches of snow. 

But day 1 of the trip was fairly uneventful.  We left around 6:30 am and I drove from my parent’s house to Columbia Missouri.  We stopped in Columbia at a Wal Mart to pick up some wine.  Hubby drove from Columbia to Bellevue Nebraska, where we stayed at a Microtel Inn for the first night.  The hotel was cool, and had a decent breakfast the next morning. 

Snow… snow… snow.  Snow started around St Louis, and continued for most of the drive in to the hotel.  By Columbia the snow was starting to get worst, so that’s why hubby drove.  By Nebraska, lots of snow was on the ground.  We didn’t really stop for lunch that day, but did eat Chinese buffet for dinner. 

Someone next to the hotel made this little snow man. 

Christmas 2009 Photo 016

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