career change

career change

I’ve been trying to do some soul searching. Right now, I’m in engineering. I have my MS in Environmental Engineering. Unfortunately I think this profession sucks. Right now, I am working with all guys. This isn’t a bad thing, but can get pretty lonely being the only female. I don’t really talk to the guy’s wives either. I’m also the youngest at the firm. That is weird too. I’m a young female working in a guy’s world. Since Erik and I want to eventually end up in a rural town, I also have to think of a profession where I could get a job anywhere. At first I wanted to be a counselor, to help people when they needed it. So depressed people wouldn’t feel as alone. I applied to Vanderbilt soon after grad school to enter into their program, but no such luck. I got denied. Then I talked to the MTSU clinical psychology professor and she told me it will be hard for me to get in to any psychology program because I have an engineering background. Everyone knows that engineers don’t write don’t speak well, don’t write well, and of course don’t have a heart.So now I am considering nursing as a career change. It will take me several years to go to school and work at the same time. But I think it might just be worth it. I want to be a mental health nurse practitioner. That way I could still work with those with mental illnesses. Just in a different way.

I was talking to my counselor about this last session. Can’t heal others when you can’t heal yourself. Nothing I haven’t heard before. Just started doubting myself big time. By the time I made it home, I figured I wouldn’t do the nursing thing. I don’t know what to do as I feel so lost and alone with this decision. I was figuring maybe just take a class and see how it goes. I don’t have to take anymore if I figure out it isn’t for me. But then what will everyone else think?

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  1. Hello…I just starting blogging very recently and noticed your blog.

    I've also started to look at a career change and I say go for it. Best of luck!

  2. Hi. I'm new to your blog and just started my own blog about my depression. I really like your posts.

    I say try out some nursing classes. I've heard the "can't help someone else until you can help yourself" line many times as well, but I also think, who would understand someone with mental health issues better than someone with mental health? Don't give up b/c of other people.

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