Vacation–Kansas leg

Vacation–Kansas leg

After the Colorado part of the trip we came back over to Kansas.  No steep mountain trails to hike- which is probably a good thing because it has been HOT.  We’ve been hanging out with my husband’s family just relaxing from the Colorado trip and from work in general.  We’ve done our fair share of fishing and card playing and movie watching.  Oh yeah, and eating.

Had a storm roll in while we were here.  The storms are cool to watch because you can see them so far away and watch them come in.  Brought a little more than half an inch to an area that needs more like three to four inches at least to get everything going again.  At first it was a bunch of lightning and no rain.  Lightning hit a field and started a big fire fast.  Then the rain came and put the fire out.  Still scared me though as we have had to evacuate our house before because of a fire when I was growing up.

And, I know everyone will think I’m crazy, but I got to line dry my clothes.  Can’t do that at home…  so I get sweet smelling Kansas sun and wind dried clothes to wear for a while.


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