stupid people

So hubby gave blood last night.  He passed out afterwards.  People kept saying it was his blood sugar.  So he took it, and it was ok.  But no, still it must be his blood sugar.  Ummmm… no?!  Why is it that people can’t understand that his blood sugar isn’t to blame for everything.  Was also told that pork isn’t part of a diabetic’s diet.  Ummmm… why?  I need that one clarified for me.  So does he.  Interestingly enough, he had just been to his endocrinologist before this.  Apparently this person is better than his doctor.  It just upsets me as to how people try to do this thing where they know everything, but they really don’t. 

He made it home alright though (I drove him).  Made him dinner and let him sleep.  He was doing much better this morning.  Really had a toll on him I think.


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