Self harm and scary thoughts

Self harm and scary thoughts

I put water in a mug. Microwave on for three minutes. I watched as the water started to boil. I kept watching as it came to a full boil. I took the cup upstairs. I used a syringe type thing to bring the water into my lady parts. I held it there, letting the hot water burn me.

I remember that lonely year in science class. I was the only white in the class. I was to blame for everyone’s problems. One of the guys started taking an “interest” in me. He would pull up a chair close to me, straddling me. He would run his hands up my shorts. Inside my underwear… inside me. He would kiss my ear, my neck, feel my breasts. The other kids would gather around, cheering him on, and blocking him from the teacher’s view. This went on for nearly a year, just about every day. If I wore pants, he wasn’t deterred. The only thing that stopped him was one of the guys in the class. But he rarely came, so most days this happened. He was the leader of a gang in school. I was afraid to stop him. I could still feel him inside me. I could still feel his lips against me.

If I burned myself, I wouldn’t be able to feel him anymore, right? I put half the cup of hot water in me, but nothing hurt enough to make the mental pain go away. I tried to burn myself so I couldn’t feel. But I could still feel.

I don’t know how to work through the sexual stuff. I didn’t say no, so I don’t have a right to complain now right? I didn’t say no, so I wanted it, right?

No one knows how to help me. No one knows how to make my pain stop. I don’t want them to make the pain stop. I don’t want a junior counselor. I have two counselors already, I don’t need another. What I do want is someone to make me feel less lonely. I want a friend. A real life friend. Someone who will hold me while I cry. Someone who will let me feel everything, with no judgement. Someone to remind me over and over that I’m loveable… and loved. Someone who will look at the cut arms and tell me I’m still accepted and loved.

I’m scared and alone. I don’t know any other way out.

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