Not a good night

Not a good night

Last night was horrible for me.  Went to bed at 10:15, woke up at 12:15.  Back to bed at 2 until 3:30 am.  Back to bed at 4:20, then had to wake up to go to work at 5:20.  I’m exhausted, at work, and nearly in tears.  This weekend we have to work to get the house ready for husband’s mom who is coming in next weekend.  I’m exhausted and want to be alone.  But at the same time, I’m afraid of being alone.  Alone, depressed, tired, never a good combination for me.  And I have to get through a whole day of work feeling like shit. 

I really need to start getting better at posting here.  Just not about depression.  Should do other things I care about.  Like pictures from fishing trips.  Or politics.  Or weird laws.  Something more than just down stuff ya know.

I’m also thinking of changing my domain name again.  Apparently it’s cheaper to change it then it is to renew.  So what do you think?  Since my twitter name is melankolyme… I’m thinking …  but I wanted it to be more about my life, not just about depression.  So there, now I’m torn; what should I call myself?

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