last doctor’s appointment

last doctor’s appointment

so i go in to my regular doctor for my yearly woman’s exam (which is lots of fun I tell ya).  apparently my lab I have to use has changed… and no one told me.  Not my ex-boss (boss at that time), insurance company, etc.  i find out as they are fixing to take me back that the lab will not pay for my tests and the doctor can’t do anything but refill my acne prescription.  so i have a prescription for yaz (my birth control) until January.  Could the doc please write me a prescription for Yasmin (Yaz makes me SICK) for another two months until my insurance changes and then I can visit them for my exam when I don’t have to use a certain lab.  NO.  It’s been too long since my last pap.  BUT… I have a prescription for a different drug that makes me sick… I can keep refilling my current birth control, but I can’t get something that well, doesn’t make me feel like I have to puke for two weeks out of the month.  Nope.  The insurance won’t cover it.  Bull it already covers the Yaz now.  Well it’s against office policy.  Well, apparently the docs knew when I called up to make the appointment my labs had changed, can’t they make an exception… no.  Well, I still want to see the doctor I made an appointment with.  We’ll send in the PA.  I don’t want to see the PA.  If I wanted to see her, I would have made an appointment with HER and not the doctor.  Yet the butt holes still sent in the PA.  I told her I wanted to see the doctor.  30 minutes after my appointment, 45 minutes after she was called to get ready for my appointment (I got there 20 minutes early) she finally walks in.  Nope won’t give me the friggin birth control.  I’ve had it with these idiots.  So I call my old doctor up.  Yes, well we can send the labs special for ya and can work you in tomorrow afternoon.  Nice. 

So I go to THAT doc’s appointment.  Do the pap.  No real big deal.  Pull blood.  Poor little nurse tech misses vein TWICE so the doctor decides to pull from my wrist.  After she pulls the blood, it pools up under the skin and then eventually bruises pretty bad.  It took me a week and a half to recover from that.  Nice.  She told me she wanted to SEE me to go over the lab results.  Huh?  I’ve never had a doc want to do that.  I’m afraid she is thinking she will find something wrong with me.  I will have to cancel that appointment though because other plans came up.  I think I will just call for my lab results.  That’s what most docs do.  She also started me on Trazadone.  I’ve been taking 50 mg now because 75 mg makes me really tired.  So I will get used to the lower dose.  Not really doing anything yet.  No noticeable change šŸ™

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  1. I Love You.DJ….I can't offer a solution but as a sister in Christ know that you are worthy of His Love, Grace and that he wants YOU……Auntie Lisa

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