Job offer for the hubby

Job offer for the hubby

So, my husband just started a new job last week.  I think he will like it a bit more in some ways.  He was being stressed out significantly at his last job.  His blood sugars were all over the place and hard to control.  His blood pressure was sky high.  They took advantage of him because they knew … or they thought they could. 

He went for a job interview with a different department at the place he works.  Just to practice his interviewing skills, not thinking he would get the job.  Well, he got it and with that raise that the other department had been promising him for over 9 months!!! 

There are a couple of drawbacks.  The new job promised he would be supervising someone.  But since the person that he would be supervising was also supposed to do some training of him, they decided to wait six months before Erik would be supervising the guy.  Also, they agreed that he could keep his early morning times.  It is halfway important because I would take him to the bus stop in the morning and pick him up at the stop in the afternoon.  Now what we’re thinking about doing is me dropping him off at his regular time at the bus stop and then picking him up at work.  He’d end up working an extra hour over what he needs to be working, but even if he took the last bus in he’d still get to work quite early.

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