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I ran across this news story… and me being a white chick from Memphis-way, I’d thought I’d give a different perspective on it. Before I give my opinion, I want to preface it with the fact that I in no way consider myself racist; and after people got to know me in high school (about 2/3s black), no one really thought I was. Most of my friends in high school were black. My roommate in college for almost two years, and one of the best friends I’ve had in my non-cyber world is black.

So flashback years, oh about 18 years ago or so. My little sister (5 years younger than me, we were 10 and 5 approximately) and I were up at school with my mom during an inservice meeting for teachers. We went up there just about every day that she had to, and helped out around the school when it was just the teachers. Teachers had us doing stuff, anything from cleaning desks, to putting up bulletin boards… you name it we did it. The head of the cafeteria also would bring her boys. However, her boys did the opposite, and eventually she was told to keep her kids at home when students were supposed to be gone. So back to this day in particular. She had brought her kids like she wasn’t supposed to, and they were out being bad, like they usually did. Two boys, about my age a little younger; about my size. They were known to pick on us, so my mom locked the door to her room while she was gone to a meeting.  The boys would peep through the window and bang on the door trying to get us to let them in.  We eventually put a piece of paper on the door saying “go away” over the window so they couldn’t see in.  They still banged on the door, but couldn’t see so at least that was somewhat comforting.  Apparently we had a little cheap baseball video game they wanted.  They finally gave up, or at least we thought.  We were both needing to go to the bathroom (right across the hall from my mom’s room, and we had the key to her door) and were thirsty (water fountain down the hall).  We were afraid, but in pain, so we risked it.  After going to the bathroom and getting water they “ambushed” us as we were going back into the room, chasing both of us around the room with a baseball bat.  They pushed my little sister down, busting out her two front teeth (baby teeth), and bruising her up pretty well.  This was all after they had the baseball game, so they had no reason other than spite to be chasing us.  We never touched them. We ended up having to interrupt the meeting with my little sister bawling her eyes out and a bloody mouth. The principal had left, so the acting principal (black) handled it.  We were told that since the two boys were black, and bruises don’t show up on blacks very well, there was nothing she would do about it. That it wasn’t fair to judge because my little sister and I were so fair skinned (read ghost white) that bruises appeared on us really well.  We never touched them, never called them a dirty name, nothing just wanted to be left alone.  Nothing was done to the boys.

The ringleader of the brothers finally ended up in jail later in life after carjacking a car at Sonic and killing one of the folks inside it.

The point… I wonder just wonder… if I had gotten together with a bunch of whites and beat the ever loving shit out of the little creeps, if it would be considered a “hate crime” or whether people would flock to my defense as people out in Jena, LA are doing for the blacks that beat the shit out of the white guy. If rolls were reversed, would I have 25,000 people trying to defend me? Or would I have a bunch of blacks angry that whites beat up a black kid.

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