i’m here

i’m here

ok.  so i’m not good about titles.  but i’m here i guess.  i had my physical and passed everything.  they still have to read the chest xrays and go through all the blood work results.  so i guess i’ll know the results to those eventually.  work was kind of slow today, somehow recovering from the FIVE vials of blood they took wasn’t easy.  lunch helped but was still left with a bad headache. i passed the lung test and hearing test and vision test.  they said i heard nearly every beep on the test.  pretty good for someone who failed just about every one when i was little.  i guess i don’t care though. 

my little sister is having medical problems.  i guess she is going to withdraw from school.  she’ll have her education degree but not her license to teach.  she’s passed out several times in the last week.  she likely has a stomach ulcer.  her blood pressure is shooting up there and so is her blood sugar.  she is also having chest pains.  she goes to the doctor this weekend but i’m not sure they will have an easy answer.  and apparently she is going off of health insurance when she formally withdraws from school.  so i don’t know what she is going to do with all the problems and perhaps a lapse in health insurance

oh yeah, and i have to figure out how come the pic of my dog didn’t show up

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