We got our HVAC system signed off by one of the companies here in Nashville.  It was funny, they came out.  They told my husband we really needed to change out the gas valve.  My husband told him we’d already done that.  So he told my husband we had to change out the pressure valve.  Done that too.  And the circuit board.  Yup done that.  He looks at my husband, well how much did you pay for the circuit board.  Oh, about $90.  Apparently the company charges $600 for that circuit board.  For a $90 part (that they can probably get cheaper) and for about 15 minutes worth of time (and a little time to get there and back).  That’s $500 in labor alone.  For at most, let’s say communte time, diagnosis time about three hours worth of work.  That’s nearly $170/hr.  That’s more than my engineering boss would charge for my services as an engineer by nearly double.  So I go get my MS in engineering, get my license, and an HVAC tech is worth more than me per hour.  I think I went in to the wrong field. 

It’s frustrating.  Seems like everyone does that.  For a somewhat skilled laborer, they get tons of money per hour.  I work my butt off to go through engineering school and get my license (which takes passing two fairly hard tests, by the way) and someone with a tech degree doubles my pay rate.  I must be doing something wrong. 

But, I guess, at least we passed.  The guy signed off.  We paid him $200 for 30 minutes worth of work and no parts used.  Looked it over.  Yup, everything is running correctly.  Yup, we know.  We just need someone with a tech degree in something we have a MS degree in to tell us what we already know.  Thank you… good-bye.

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