Day 2 of the Trip

Day 2 of the Trip

Day 2 of the trip was supposed to be the trip from Omaha to Rapid City, SD.  Things didn’t go as planned.  Iowa was easy, got through there fairly quick.  South Dakota things started to get dicey.  This whole leg of the trip was supposed to take us 8 hours.  Within a half mile of the Iowa South Dakota border, we found ourselves stuck in a median.  A nice little sign announced that there was icy conditions, which was really nice considering that by the time we read it, we were in the ditch.  It took two hours to get a tow truck out there.  I will have to say that SD people were really cool.  They stopped and offered us a ride to the nearest gas station up the street, but we decided just to stay put for the tow truck.  Finally they came, but even they had trouble getting us out.  It took them an hour with a winch to get us out. 

Christmas 2009 Photo 038 

Within ten minutes we were back in a ditch, this time our speed no more than 45 mph.  After that, 4 wheel drive it was.  45 miles per hour and four wheel drive got really annoying very fast.  After our nine hour day, we had only made it to Mitchell, SD.  We found ourselves a hotel there, and cancelled our plans over in Rapid City.  We lost one night’s cost at the hotel there, which kind of sucked.  After talking about it, we decided to just cancel the whole Mt Rushmore – Pike’s Peak adventure and try it in the summer.  While we could likely make it through, it would have meant we wouldn’t have much time at any one spot.  So, we decided to take it easy, do the touristy thing in Mitchell, and then head to hubby’s aunt/uncle/cousins down in Kansas.  

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