The cabinets have been installed!  It took the installer four days and lots of grumbles but they are through!  We had issues with him, like he didn’t even show up with plans of what everything was supposed to look like.  We had to give him overall floor plans of the kitchen telling what cabinet goes where and then a brochure on the types of stacked molding for the molding on top of our cabinetry.  Whenever we told him to do something, he did it his way.  One of our cabinets was supposed to be recessed in the wall, but he made it even with the other cabinets.  Likely, because it made putting on the crown way easier.  One of our cabinets was also supposed to be moved over an inch to allow more room for a vent.  But, of course he didn’t do that, so now the shoe molding butts up against the vent cover.  When we asked him to drill holes in certain places, he didn’t do that right.  We ended up having electrical in our cabinets running through the toe kick instead of straight up through the cabinet.  The guy didn’t get there until 10-1 every day, and then complained that he had to come out there for a fourth day.  He would call us up at 10:20 in the morning, tell us he is 40 minutes away and then show up at 1.  So, we are glad that is through with, and won’t be going back there for cabinetry when we put in cabinets in our office.

The granite guy came out yesterday to do the templating for the granite.  We go out on Thursday to pick out our granite slab and then they have 21 days from that day to install it.  Hopefully it will be sooner.  We have a few more things to do before we are ready for the countertops like put bead board in one of the cabinets, do some electrical work, drill some holes through one of the cabinets for the dishwasher connections.  But then we get our countertops.  That will be awesome to have a sink back functioning; and a cooktop.  I’m excited. 

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