Black Friday

Black Friday

We actually got out and did some shopping. Let’s see we got to the first store about 7 or so, so we weren’t one of those die-hard people. We went to Sears and got my mom’s Christmas gift. Then off to Burlington Coat Factory, which we really didn’t find many coats at for some reason. Batteries at Home Depot. Tried to visit Bass Pro Shops but it was rather crowded, and I didn’t even want to go in when I saw all the cars in the parking lot. Dick’s to look at clothing. Burger King for a late breakfast (which was horrible by the way) and Target. Then off to a favorite store of ours: Tractor Supply (yes, I’m a country gal). All of those stores were gotten through rather painlessly. And that’s coming from someone who really hates to shop.

We went to eat dinner at the restaurant my little sister works at. They’ve been treating her bad, and have taken her off of Saturday duty. But it was cool to be served by my darling little sister.

Friday night my dad got in an argument with my husband and I about something silly. But just like the stubborn self he is, he wouldn’t take drop it for an answer and had to keep yelling. That’s the way I lived my life as a kid.

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