An evening walk

An evening walk

image864219500.jpgWent out for a walk with the hubby and dog today. Got down to the Harpeth River and let him have some fun fishing. That would be my husband doing the fishing, not my dog. It’s always so interesting to go down there. There’s so much wildlife, even if you don’t include the ticks. The dog was exhausted by the time we got back.

We ran into a neighbor who lives down the street. It’s always nice to talk to someone, even if just for a while. I still feel so disconnected from all the folks here. I don’t have kids nor do I have much time. I don’t like group things though I like just hanging out with a couple of folks who care, or at least pretend to care. It’s always hard just to connect with people. To open up to some degree. I’ve always had this problem. Heck ask any of my counselors. They’ll even tell you I don’t talk.

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