Struggling with New Feelings

I love my husband. I really do. He’s a great guy and it is sometimes hard for me to remember what he has done to me during the good times.  He shows he cares about me sometimes and that makes me feel so incredibly close to him.

But the days of arguing and crying myself to sleep keep increasing. I know he has a stressful job and has been dealing with a lot at work. However, I find myself somewhat afraid of him. I think a lot of the scared feelings are because of my dad. But they are still there. What happens if one of the arguments escalates. It’s just not me anymore, it’s my child too I have to protect. And I’m not sure what to do. 
Combine that with feelings I have for another guy. And where does that leave me. I’m scared and confused. The other guy doesn’t know. And I don’t plan on telling him. However it doesn’t stop the feelings I have to fight. I’m scared and alone with these feelings. There have been several guys over the years that I wish I would have met before my current husband. That my life would be completely different likely, this guy is in the same boat. So seriously what do I do?  I guess there is nothing I can do.