Christmas was another busy day.  Our presents in the morning and then my uncle’s in the afternoon.  Most presents from my husband I already knew what they were.  Except for one.  The last present I opened up.  I had asked my husband for a laptop, we discussed which would be the best to get.  He was supposed to pick one up at the store, but told me that night when he got home that they were all sold out.  I was checking other Staples in other cities that we were planning for on vacation to see if they had it.  Apparently my man had already bought one.  He had gotten the last one of those laptops in Nashville, which was cool.  Total surprise.  I like this laptop alot.  Hopefully it will last longer than the last one I had. 
Then off to my uncle’s which was cool.  We got him a metal detector, and he seemed to like it a lot.  I’m not sure if everyone liked our gifts, I hope they do/did.  My parents got us some cool stuff.  And some money.  Money is always cool.  đŸ™‚