image1754408255.jpgSaturday we ended up going over to my husband’s mom’s house. She had just gotten a new dog back in July and wanted my dog to meet it.

Unfortunately, her dog is very young, and while mine still has some spunk, it doesn’t have near as much energy. My dog was ready to relax and the other dog just kept jumping on her. And when we tried to push the dog away from her, it kept jumping on us! So, when we went to eat at Olive Garden, my girl came with us and hung out in the car. She loves car rides anyways.

Then my mom wanted to do a girls night out. Target – shopping again. Then we went to Catholic Church in Cordova, which was pretty cool. Then to Chinese buffet which was awesome. We were supposed to watch a movie after that, but we were all tired, so ended up sleeping early.

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Remember the roaches, well, my grandfather’s kitchen floors and lower cabinets got a good cleaning. I guess this coming up weekend we’re going back to clean up. We brought my dog over to see my grandfather, who used to have dogs. Now he just has some neighborhood cats that stop by every once in a while for food. So he enjoyed petting my girl and she enjoyed the attention. She was gentle with him, even though she usually isn’t with guys. Then the usual KFC for lunch. And then back to my parent’s to pack and leave. We got out of there about 3 pm, and was making good time on the way back, until we got stuck in traffic for an hour. What made it even more interesting was that we were sitting on a nearly empty tank. All the range thing would tell us what to get more gas. Nice! Turns out we had 4.5 gallons of diesel in the tank, but we didn’t know that at the time, so it made everything a lot scarier.

Black Friday

We actually got out and did some shopping. Let’s see we got to the first store about 7 or so, so we weren’t one of those die-hard people. We went to Sears and got my mom’s Christmas gift. Then off to Burlington Coat Factory, which we really didn’t find many coats at for some reason. Batteries at Home Depot. Tried to visit Bass Pro Shops but it was rather crowded, and I didn’t even want to go in when I saw all the cars in the parking lot. Dick’s to look at clothing. Burger King for a late breakfast (which was horrible by the way) and Target. Then off to a favorite store of ours: Tractor Supply (yes, I’m a country gal). All of those stores were gotten through rather painlessly. And that’s coming from someone who really hates to shop.

We went to eat dinner at the restaurant my little sister works at. They’ve been treating her bad, and have taken her off of Saturday duty. But it was cool to be served by my darling little sister.

Friday night my dad got in an argument with my husband and I about something silly. But just like the stubborn self he is, he wouldn’t take drop it for an answer and had to keep yelling. That’s the way I lived my life as a kid.

Thanksgiving Day

Well, Thanksgiving was the typical Thanksgiving in our house. We cooked food at my parent’s house. We then took the cooked food over to warm it up on my grandfather’s stove. The oven on my grandfather’s stove doesn’t work, and only 2 of the 4 burners do. So it’s always a trick to get everything warmed up just right on the stove and in his little convection oven and get everyone seated so that nothing gets cold. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? But it always is, and we all love a challenge. Which this day was no short of.

My mom opens up the cabinet with the nice plates in it and gets a glimpse of a handful of roaches. Luckily in cooking the food, we brought everything with us. So, the plates got washed before everyone sat down for dinner. Apparently my dad had supposedly taken care of said roach problem, by placing all the roach hotels on the counters, and none in the cabinets. Nice dad. But everything ended up working out ok.

Dinner is eaten, relatively painlessly. There were nine of us there, including my family and my husband’s mom, and sister’s boyfriend and mom’s brother. And of course my man. Everyone decides after pie it’s time to go home. So by 3 or so, everyone’s left. That’s the gathering for the year. 3 hours. Isn’t that nice.

After dinner, was actually kind of fun. My grandfather told us about fighting in the war. Showed me what each of his medals were, and a map of the route that his infintry took. He was a Staff Seargant in the Railsplitters. He was a forward observer, so he had to be able to gauge where the enemy was standing, how far away, etc. We talked for several hours about things he remembered. Also found out that he was one of the three founding families of the church he goes to. Regardless of that fact, I still don’t like the church. But it was nice to get to hear him talk about everything first hand. If I had been smart, I would have recorded everything with our video recorder, that we actually had with us. But I wasn’t.

I had thought of actually putting recipes on here, but it seems most of our recipes aren’t really recipes that have things written down, but ones that are taught generation to generation. Written down no where besides in our taste buds. Oh well, maybe next year.